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    Fiberglass Sleeve Manufacturer
    Time: 2018-08-18 16:15:41     Copyfrom: Volsun

       The fiberglass tube is also called the fiberglass sleeve, also known as the self-extinguishing tube, or named the high temperature resistant insulating sleeve. According to the voltage grade and material, it can be divided into silicone fiberglass tube and self-extinguishing fiberglass sleeve.

        The fiberglass sleeve has good corrosion resistance, excellent anti-aging, high temperature resistance and frost resistance, light weight, tear resistance and good wear resistance. So it can be widely used in motors, aerospace, electric power, chemical industries, electronics, Rail transit and other industries.

        Volsun Electronics has specialized in Fiberglass Sleeve for over 11 years, quality is our culture. Our vision is doubling the value by offering good product and superior service for our customers.


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