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    Common classification of heat shrink tube
    Time: 2018-11-10 13:37:34     Copyfrom: Volsun

      Classification of Heat Shrink Tube

    Heat shrink tube is our main product, not only its wide application, but also its classification. Today we will introduce the common classification of heat shrink tube.

    1. Single-wall heat-shrink tube: This is the most common heat shrink tube. In general, customers who consult heat shrink tube are considered to buy Single-wall heat shrink tube, the ordinary single-wall heat-shrinkable tube is also subdivided. For different categories, such as according to the classification of flame retardant, according to the shrinkage ratio classification, according to the heat shrinkable tube shrink temperature classification, or according to environmental protection classification, etc.

    2. Dual-wall heat-shrink tube: This type is coated with a layer of  adhesive inside the single-wall heat shrink tube to make the heat shrink tube have better sealing performance and better mechanical properties. There are many small classifications of rubber heat shrinkable tubes according to oil resistance, temperature resistance and environmental protection;

    3. Medium and heavy wall heat shrink tube: It can be inferred from the naming that this classification is related to the wall thickness of the heat shrink tube, but it is subdivided into flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant, semi-hard and soft. 

    Volsun focus on heat shrink tube, cold shrink tube, silicone tube and some special insulation tube manufacture for over 12 years in China. We are looking forward to establish long term relationship with you and your esteemed company.


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