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    Common classification of heat shrink tube
    Time: 2018-11-16 10:42:17     Copyfrom: Volsun

    Heat shrink tube is our main product, not only its wide application, but also the classification. Today we will contiune introduce the common classification of heat shrinkable tube.

    4. Heat shrink busbar sleeve: The Heat shrink busbar sleeve is mainly named for its use. It is mainly used for the insulation protection of the busbar. It is slightly different from the Medium wall heat shrink tube. The Heat shrink busbar sleeve is based on the withstand voltage level. Also subdivided into several;

    5. Special heat shrink tube: This classification mainly classifies special materials heat shrink tubes and special purposes heat shrink tubes into one category, such as silicone rubber heat shrink tubes, non-slip heat shrink tubes, Teflon heat shrink tubes, and fiber-optic joint protection heat-shrink tubing, etc., special heat-shrink tubing generally has excellent performance, and the price is higher;

    6. Heat shrink cable end caps and breakout: This is a special-shaped heat shrink tube, such as a heat shrinkable cable cap, a heat shrink Cable Breakout 2 to 5 Cores, etc.;

    Volsun focus on heat shrink tube, cold shrink tube, silicone tube and some special insulation tube manufacture for over 12 years in China. We are looking forward to establish long term relationship with you and your esteemed company.


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